Good old fashioned screen printing. This is still the most popular way of getting a design onto a garment and for good reason. It’s a time tested method for effectively getting high-quality prints onto garments and it’s super cost-effective for very large quantities. You would be hard pressed to fine a cheaper method when ordering one design in the hundreds and thousands. You need to make sure that this is right for you though, so have a look at this pros and cons list.

Products that can be screen printed:

  • T-shirts
  • Sweatshirts
  • Bottoms
  • Backpacks
  • Tote bags
  • Aprons
  • Flags
  • Canvas Bags
  • Woven Bags
  • Polyester Bags
  • …and many more!

Our finished projects:

Is screen printing the right option for my project? Here is a quick pros and cons list for screen printing you can consider before getting started:


  • Cost-effective for large batches GREAT FOR MASS PRODUCTION
  • Great for simple designs with limited colours
  • The more you order the cheaper the cost per unit
  • High quality


  • Not cost-effective for multiple colours
  • Can only print simple designs
  • Set up fees for screens
  • Only one design per batch

The Process

Of all the printing methods, this is by far the most complicated and hardest to explain so instead I will provide a diagram and a video for you to watch.

What Type of Business is This Good For?

It’s great for any business. Screen printing is a high-quality method, so if you don’t mind paying the screen setup fees, then you can have high quality prints for even just 1 shirt. What’s great about screen printing is that the high seeps into the fabric as a liquid and then it is heated it around 200 degrees celsius in order to solidify it.

Given the fact that you need to make screens for the design, it’s better for your wallet if you have a lot of garments for 1 design. Like say, if you needed 100 shirts or more. This is will greatly reduce the cost per unit.

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