Organize and package your prints and pages by binding them neatly together. For any type of project, we have a selection of versatile binding options that will fit every purpose, specification, and budget.

Types of Binding

Saddle Stitched Binding

Most economical type of binding with a standard of 2 stitches. Pages are stitched together with a metal wire, which is folded in the inside and looks like a staple.

Plastic Coil / Spiral Binding

Soft or hard cover books bound with spiral coil, which can open flat and offer 360-degree rotation. Best results with products not thinner than 6mm and not thicker than 24mm. 

Plastic Comb Binding

Pages are hole punched and bound with spiral comb spine. This type of binding allows quick addition and removal of pages without a machine. 

Wire-o Binding

Hole punched pages are inserted onto a wire spine, which is squeezed until it is closed. Works with soft or hard cover books, can open flat and offers 360-degree rotation. Best results with products of minimum 2mm and maximum 24mm thickness.

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