Coal Prints offers printing and embroidery for clothing and apparel items. As a company, whether big or small, it is important to have company branded apparel. Why? Because it allows you to wear what you’ve built and believe in. It also creates great gifts for your employees, clients, and partners. If you believe in your company, you should wear your “heart” on your sleeve. 

We also provide work uniforms and sports uniforms of a wide range: Basketball, Soccer, Football, Ruby, Lacrosse, Volleyball, Cycling and Track.

What is the right kind of apparel for you?

If you are a law firm, real estate office, or mortgage/banking company. Then you will likely want to get apparel that reflects the quality and luxury of your industry or brand. It might be concerning to a client if a real estate company’s branded t-shirt or jacket is low quality. It might say that you don’t care about your company or the look of the company.

We would suggest going with embroidered logos on mid-to-high end jackets and golf shirts.

  • Polo/Golf shirt with embroidered logo
  • Rain/Light Jacket with embroidered logo
  • Dress Shirts with embroidered logo
  • Embroidered Hats
  • Embroidered Bags or Backpacks

For stores, construction or anything that the apparel is going to get used and abused. Using a lower quality shirt won’t be a problem. A lot of people will understand that it will be heavily used by people getting their hands dirty.

For something like this, low-to-mid end t-shirts, long sleeve tees or aprons.

  • T-shirts with graphic print 
  • Long sleeve t-shirts
  • Hoodies
  • Aprons
  • Sweat pants
  • Duffel Bags
  • Toques

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