Coal Prints and Signs provides comprehensive printing solutions, ranging from small-scale to industrial jobs. We are team of experts with over 20 years of experience and dedicated passion for design and printing.  We are located in the heart of Surrey to serve customers in the Lower Mainland.
We specialize in the design and production of signage, of any size, on various media, and with full in-house state of the art production capability. 
Coal Prints & Signs caters the printing needs of individuals, small businesses, and large companies. We adhere to our commitment with long term and new customers to deliver economical, efficient, perfect designs and premium quality prints.
We work with sports and recreational groups to serve their uniform requirements. We assist individuals to create custom printed items for all occasions. We create all types of signage for small establishments as well as for construction sites. We help promoters boost their name brands and support artists to make their ideas visible.
If you are one of the above, we are excited to meet and be in touch with you. Happy to serve your requirements!

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